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Remote Access with Downsized offices

Business ownership has taken a major change over the past few years with Covid accelerating the change, two (2) areas that have contributed

a. Remote / Mobile work force. We have seen this with Covid. Employers having many functions being done remotely. (Professionals, support staff, reception, HR, accounting to name a few) The reality of using a remote work force might be one of the best decisions. With better productivity, larger talent pool to hire from, reduced cost, and more flexibility for both.

b. Sky rocketing rents. As landlords are trying to survive and recoup losses, the rent for space has increased dramatically. This has put a financial strain on a lot of companies. One of the solutions is to downsize the space required. With a larger remote work force and staggered employee workdays, many companies are finding they can significantly reduce the amount of physical spaced need.

Document Scanning is the first step in going paperless, in the new reality. The remote workers need information quickly, accurately, securely that was once a part of the filing cabinets method. Document scanning provides better communication, increased efficiency, collaboration, easier access, reduced cost, enhanced security and is in compliance with audit and regulators.

DSSI with over 25 years of experience in the Document Management & Scanning services industry is helping businesses tie together processes and departments. Managing and utilizing business information is the major issue in the new reality of remote workers. Security and compliance requirements are a nightmare for most businesses and utilizing our MDS will assist you in economically managing them.



DSSI – Managed Document Services has helped optimize the handling and utilization of information. Now DSSIs’ MDS completes the requirements for information management with technologies and Enterprise Content Management solutions integrated into YOUR day-to-day business processes.

SMB Customer Medium to Large Organizations departments

Law Firms Human Resources

Manufacturing Accounting Department

Schools Contract Management

Construction Project Management

Property Management Audit / Compliance

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