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HIPAA and HITECH regulations and Insurance Companies are diving you to implement Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or Electronic Health Records (EHR). Medical Offices do not have the resources to convert the active and archived records, many are turning to DSSI for patient chart scanning. 

Meeting the stringent laws governing the protection of patient information and financial data is a priority at DSSI


Law firms of all sizes, have a need for Scanning and Litigation Support
Back file conversion (scanning all previously closed paper based files)
Day forward scanning (setting up a service where DSSI scans all new archived files on a repeat basis)
• A combination of both services (back file & day forward services)

Litigation Support - for discovery and record production

Maintaining the Student Record is mandatory under Fl. Statue 6A-1.0955.for Category A.

The physical file contains all the necessary information to meet the Statue.

The access of the files is critical as students are applying for college admission.

Today the Colleges and Universities are requiring full color of the transcript with school logo.

Oversized documents require storage in tubes, flat drawers, and hanging files. Searching through large documents to find what you need can be frustrating and difficult. Large format scanning transforms your oversized documents into digital files that can be found.

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