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Large Format Scanning

Large Format Scanning  - 

This specialized scanning service is designed for businesses that handle blueprints, architectural drawings, schematics, and other oversized documents. It can also be used by anyone handling documents over the standard printer paper size. 

Converting your large documents gives you better access and editing abilities and makes it possible to share large documents quickly for greater collaboration

services for drawings and architectural plans. Searching through large documents to find what you need can be frustrating and difficult. Large format scanning transforms your oversized documents into digital files that can be found and viewed.To make certain that they are preserved with the highest quality, DSSI has the latest technology to provide our clients with the best quality at an affordable price. Whether you are a Construction, Government, Developer, Designer or Architect, DSSI’s large format services can provide a comprehensive solution for all your large format Scanning needs.

large format scanning

Service Options

  • Indexing/Naming: Naming of Plans or Drawings by number, project number of name, development application number of any fields of your choice.

  • Color Depth: Scanning in Bi-Tonal (B&W), Grayscale or Full Color depending on your needs.

  • Size: From A to E size drawings or plans … up to 48″x 54″

  • Resolution: Up to 600 DPI Optical and 9,600 DPI Interpolated

  • Output: TIFF, PDF, JPEG and many others

  • Deliverables:  USB, or in The Cloud

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