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Document Scanning Services

Founded in 1999, Document Storage Services, Inc. (DSSI) provides Document Management and Scanning Services helping companies with the new reality (remote personnel and downsized offices).
Our client’s success has been achieved through our attention to their individual needs. Listening and understanding how the organization, at all levels, work and use of the documents.  We are able to build a records management system that will increase the companies efficiency and productivity.
DSSI in doing so has assisted many companies by putting their important records at their finger tips. Such as, Bank United, Sikorsky, El Dorado Furniture, Centerline Homes, Lynn University, University of South Florida, United Police Federal Credit Union, Patch Reef Title, Cornerstone Group, Boca Raton Outpatient Surgery, I & B Medical, South Palm Ambulatory Surgery Center, The Ferraro Law Group, Air Dimensions, Fort Lauderdale Strikers, The Nurses Guild and many others.

Our Services

Our Services

DSSI has been educating and helping business transition to the digital age. Having over 25 years experience has given us the ability to provide solutions that work saving time with successful solutions at all levels of the origanization.


Back file Scanning - fast, efficient conversion of existing records to digital format. Typically it is the process of converting the existing filing cabinets, File Room or offsite storage.

Day Forward Scanning - Convenient, cost-effective service for newly created documents in high volume (A/P), highly sensitive (HR), and critical documents.

Document Management Retrieval System (DMRS) – This allows companies to have their digitalized documents retrieved for easy access and use while providing a secure controlled environment.  This can include Day Forward Scanning, Back File Scanning.

Record Retention

Retention Guidlines

   - Business General

   - Profession

   - Individual

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Large Format

Whether you are  Construction, Government, Developer, Designer or Architect, DSSI’s large format services can provide a comprehensive solution for all your large format Scanning needs.

  - thru E size drawings

  - Indexing of sheets

  - Format -Tiff, PDF, JPEG

Managed Document      Services

By addressing the issues Finding & Accessing information there by streamlining and optimizing business process around the information 

         WHAT IT IS


all inclusive package

  -  searchable PDF

  - Bates Stamping

  - Opposition options


Regulatory Laws Governing Documents

Gramm-Leach-Bliley   (GLB)

The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act  (FACTA)

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act   (HIPPA


Sarbanes-Oxley Act  (SOX)

Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health  (HITECH)


CRF  128 K


SEC Rule 17a


FRCP RUle 26


“DSSI was a pleasure to work with! Bob very clearly outlined the process and timeline to scan all of our files. Him and his team were also very efficient in providing the digital files as they were being scanned and always quick to reply to any questions throughout, and even after, the process. I would definitely recommend them and use them for any future scanning projects!”

Janelle Alonzo

4 Beauty Med Spa

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