Intelligent content management solution powering the M-Files Intelligent Metadata Layer in the cloud or on-premise

Core Features Plus

  • OCR
  • Reporting
  • Smart Search
  • Option to install IDOL full text search engine for on-premise
  • Cloud and on-premise vaults
  • Support for External Repositories
  • Network Folder Connector
  • Metadata suggestions via Information Extractor
  • M-Files Smart Metadata
  • Importing Tools
  • Email support

Basic Features

  • Full text and metadata search
  • Full Integration with Microsoft Office
  • Access Permissions
  • Workflow
  • Remote mobile access
  • Automatic version naming and numbering
  • Log and Audit Trail
  • Industry regulation and Compliance
  • Shareable links
  • Email notifications
  • M-Files hyperlinks and shortcut
  • Co-Authoring
  • Checkout and check-in feature
  • Shareable links