Day Forward Scanning Service

Day-Forward Scanning, you choose a date in the future where you will scan your existing documents or use a Managed Service or recurring service.
The transition to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system is combines with back files conversion and migration of electronic data. Recognizing that the transition to paperless is a long journey that requires process changes, businesses need an economical way to fill in the gaps during the conversion from paper to digital.

With a implementation of a content management system there is a focus on “improving” business workflow. Day Forward Scanning allows business to achieve some of the benefits of having information stored electronically while deferring disruptions of workflows that originated with paper. The goal should be to ensure that the information systems are in tune with business’ existing processes and workflow. A Day Forward solution can also provide the opportunity to reduce the amount of paper being stored, and to deploy solutions for the management of paper that are fully unified with and integrated into the Enterprise Content Management system.

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