M-Files offers an intelligent content management (ICM) solution based on three distinct concepts – it is metadata-based, repository-neutral, and AI-powered. In contrast to traditional search engines, the intelligent metadata layer enables the user to search for data based on what it is rather than where it is stored. The solution is repository-neutral for greater access to data regardless of location and allows for access and editing-in-place instead of migrating content to the user’s location. M-Files uses AI, ML, and third-party algorithms for automation and auto-classification. The M-Files solution is unique in that it has the same licensure for on-premises and cloud deployments, eliminating a financial obstacle that businesses face when considering transitioning to the cloud. System and product updates are frequent, automated, and do not require IT intervention. Data security is a priority and M-Files provides robust features such as access control and permissions, automated audit trails, federated authentication, file encryption in transit and at rest, intrusion detection, and data loss prevention. Its metadata-driven automatic permissions are a patented approach to managing access control by what content is and ensures that access control policies are enforced across all repositories. M-Files manages regulatory risk of non-compliance by organizing, recording, and automating all data in the business. M-Files supports GDPR compliance and enables a business to identify and locate sensitive information including PII.