You're responsible for the most important asset in the company: people. From recruiting to training to employee benefits, everyone in your company relies on you to get hired, fit in and feel at home. M-Files helps you access and manage employee documents and information, including annuals reviews, training, certifications and the myriad of Federal Regulations governing HR.


Learning and development

Managing and tracking learning requirements and training tasks can be a huge task. M-Files allows training assignments to be created, completed and tracked seamlessly. From orientation to new skill development, ensuring employees are trained and prepared is vital for business success.

Employee information management

Managing employee information is a mandatory responsibility. M-Files is a central repository for every bit of information about the people that power your company. Employee contact information, records, training requirements and tons of other data and information can be stored, accessed and leveraged to make your job easier.(link to HR applications)

Certification tracking

Since M-Files stores any type of information, you can easily maintain exam records, certification status and transcripts.

Protect sensitive personal data

With M-Files, protecting sensitive employee information while making it accessible to specific people in the organization is easy-Files manages permissions automatically and dynamically, ensuring data security and maintaining secure accessibility.

Case Study

Discover how Liquid Compass, an award-winning streaming media company, improved accessibility, automated workflow processes, and eliminated version control issues using M-Files document management software.