The education industry is responsible for developing the world's intellectual capital. It's difficult to devote enough attention to educating students when so much time is spent dealing with paperwork and processes. M-Files automates admissions, financial aid and registration processes so you can spend more time with your students and faculty.


Learning and development

It's important that everyone in your organization is up to speed with regard to curriculum standards and education policies-Files allows training assignments to be created, completed and tracked seamlessly. From orientation to new skill development, ensuring employees are trained and prepared is vital for success.

Everything in one place

Sometimes finding the right document when you need it seems impossible. Where was that file saved? Who edited it last? What was changed? What is the Latest Version? What if it didn't matter? M-Files eliminates the chaos of traditional folders by organizing content based on what it is, so you never have to remember where it’s saved or which version is the right one.

Access anything from any device

View records and manage tasks on the go with the M-Files mobile app for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. Review policies, view lesson plans and scan documents no matter your location or mobile device.

Sharing and collaboration

Sharing documents in M-Files is as easy as a right click. Whether you need to send someone a document or collaborate with colleagues, M-Files keeps everything streamlined and organized.