Your company produces products with rigorous quality and compliance requirements, and adequately managing standard operating procedures (SOPs), nonconformance reports, corrective and preventative actions (CAPAs) can be daunting and resource-intensive tasks. M-Files makes it easy to improve your quality management systems, meet certification requirements and fly through audits with document and process management capabilities designed for organizations with strict quality and compliance needs including the Financial & Pharmaceutical


Reduce regulatory risk

Failure to comply with regulations is expensive and risky. From ISO 9001 to FDA 21 CFR Part 11, our job is to help you stay compliant. M-Files helps reduce the risk of non-compliance by organizing, recording and automating everything in your business.

Traceability and transparency for pending tasks

Non-conformances and audit findings are extremely costly and risky as they can lead to vast amounts of corrective and preventive actions across the organization. M-Files enables you to keep track of the assigned actions, per audit, department, workflow state or any other defined property. With this ability to have real-time information regarding CAPA states or other audit related processes, preparation time for audits is diminished, communication is improved and corrective actions are not forgotten.

Automate quality processes

You’re a control freak and that’s a good thing. You need to ensure specific procedures are followed, but you shouldn’t have to manually manage day-to-day processes. M-Files automates quality workflows like change control, CAPAs and training. That means you can ensure consistency while M-Files verifies that everyone is following procedures.

Disseminate up-to-date policies and procedures

What if everyone in your organization could find the right information quickly? In M-Files, there’s only one version of every document. No matter what type of quality or compliance document is needed, it’s always current.

Annotations & Redlining Demonstration

Watch and discover how annotations and redlining in M-Files allows any M-Files user to add comments to a document without modifying the original file. See all annotations and comments at once, or view each bit of feedback individually. Use annotations and redlining in M-Files on PDF files, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and Visio drawings.